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  • Number of lessons 8 lessons by 120 min ( 24 academic hours )
  • Shedule Дата набора уточняется

course themes :

  1. Introduction.
  2. Documentation and terminology.
  3. Translation transformations.
  4. Interference.
  5. General translation into Spanish.
  6. General translation into Spanish.
  7. Introduction to legal texts EN<>ES.
  8. Introduction to economic texts EN<>ES.

Lesson 1. Introduction

  • Translation: definition, types, examples and discussion exercises.
  • The five translation competences: linguistic competence, textual competence, subject competence, cultural competence and transfer competence.
  • Basic translation issues: proper names, adresses, toponyms, abbreviations, etc.

Lesson 2. Documentation and terminology

  • Resources for documentation: monolingual vs. bilingual dictionaries, forums, AI-translation engines and other useful resources.
  • Terminology: theoretical principles and main types (ad hoc terminology and systemic terminology).
  • Neologisms and loanwords: how to solve problems derived from these issues.
  • Idiomatic expressions and issues during their translation.
  • Examples and practical exercises.

Lesson 3. Translation transformations

  • Definition.
  • Lexical transformations: differentiation, generalization, cause-effect, antonyms and compensation.
  • Grammatical transformations: possessive pronouns, conjugations and lack of pronouns, passive voice, use of articles and issues in their translation.
  • Proofreading.

Lesson 4. Interference

  • Definition.
  • Lexical interference: false friends and redundancies.
  • Grammatical interference: modal verbs, verb tenses, periphrases.
  • Syntactic interference: word order.
  • Translation editing and quality control.

Lesson 5. General translation into Spanish

  • General recommendations.
  • Lexical features.
  • Grammatical features: word order, use of pronouns, passive voice, use of articles.
  • Orthographic and punctuation features.
  • Stylistic recommendations, naturalization and format of the TT.

Lesson 6. General translation into English

  • General recommendations.
  • Lexical features and common false friends.
  • Grammatical features: word order, use of pronouns, passive voice, use of articles.
  • Orthographic and punctuation features.
  • Dates and time.
  • Stylistic recommendations, naturalization and format of the TT.

Lesson 7. Introduction to legal texts EN<>ES

  • Common law vs. continental law.
  • The British legal system: institutions, ministries, regulations and how to translate them.
  • The American legal system: institutions, ministries, regulations and how to translate them.
  • The Spanish legal system: institutions, ministries, regulations and how to translate them.
  • Lexical feature: false friends, correct terminology, latin words, doublets.
  • Grammatical features: sentence structure, modal verbs. — Exercises and discussion.

Lesson 8. Introduction to economic texts EN<>ES

  • Introduction to the economic language: English.
  • Introduction to the economic language: Spanish.
  • Lexical features: neologisms, formal/informal language, continuous evolution.
  • Grammatical features: word structure, syntactic structure. — Orthographic and punctuation features: numbers and currencies.
  • The importance of format in bank statements and payslips.
  • Exercises and discussion.
  • Tips for translators.

Dear aspiring linguists and translators!

We would like to welcome you at our online training for English<>Spanish translators.

Why did we start this training course?

The answer is simple: there is a lack of professionals in the industry. Graduates of language institutions keep making the same mistakes, from wrong notation of dates and figures in a foreign language and negligence in formatting to serious terminological and semantic mistakes.

Over the years we have acquired a vast experience in highly specialized translation work. We are willing to share this experience with you and we believe that it will help you to establish yourself as an expert translator. The course offers basic but valuable techniques that would enhance the quality of your translations in the English-Spanish language pair.

All the examples used in this course are taken from the course instructor’s own translations of various genres and topics of writing. We will show you how to understand the idea, style and tone of the author, as well as the explicit and implied meanings of words, the grammatical structures of sentences, and the logic of sentences and paragraphs — all in order to achieve faithfulness, expressiveness, and elegance in your translation.

After completing this course, you will know what makes a qualified professional translator and acquire the necessary abilities and skills in order to achieve success on the real global market.

What's included in the price

Полный комплект раздаточных материалов с видеозаписями всех вебинаров (высылаются всем после лекции, независимо от присутствия на занятии)
Обучение по заявленной программе с выполнением домашнего задания (для студентов варианта "Эффективный")
Экзамен в конце курса
Сертификат в электронном виде с указанием названия, количества часов и краткой программой курса, с печатью компании и подписью директора


Алехандро владеет несколькими языками. Английским и русским — свободно (уровень C2), а также говорит на французском, польском и эстонском. Является присяжным переводчиком с/на английский язык.

В первые годы после о... Читать полностью >>>


Nicholas Radulescu
Alejandro - Excellent teacher. Clear, organized and extremely knowledgeable. Good at engaging and interacting with students. I would highly recommend him to anyone! The curriculum was well structured - gave a good overview and practice of the differ...
Читать полностью >>>
Zhanna Leontyeva
El curso ha sido práctico y muy completo , bien estructurado, con recursos adicionales y impartido por el profesor bilingüe. The course has been practical and very complete, well structured, with additional resources and taught by the bilingual teach...
Читать полностью >>>
Anna Sineokova
A well-designed introductory course with a good choice of real-life translation examples. It was interactive, enjoyable, and practical. I am looking forward to more in-depth courses with Alejandro.
Gloria Hernandez
Alejandro is a great teacher! He is very practical and direct on his instruction. I look forward to a next course. Thanks so much!!

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