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Do you only enroll translators who work with the English language?

So far we mainly work in English. However, within the course in Art Translation, you can choose to translate from German.

What do I need to do to start following a course?

Please fill out the online application and proceed to payment. After the payment is received, we will send a personalized link to enter the webinar room.

Do you provide online or offline training?

We provide only online courses, in the format of webinars. You can learn more here.

Can I watch a recorded webinar?

Yes, every webinar is recorded and sent to all students regardless of their attendance.

If I miss a webinar, can I watch it later?

Yes, after the class, we send all students webinar videos as well as other class materials.

What are the requirements to get the certificates?

Effective students must submit at least 80% of their assignments and pass an exam. External students must attend at least 80% of online webinars.