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(Русский) Какие условия участники должны выполнить, чтобы получить сертификат?

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(Русский) Могу ли я принимать участие в вебинарах со смартфона или с планшета?

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(Русский) Меня отправляет на обучение компания. Оформляете ли вы соответствующие бухгалтерские документы?

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(Русский) Выдаете ли вы сертификаты после разовых вебинаров и других мероприятий?

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(Русский) В каких случаях вы не выдаете сертификаты участникам курсов?

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If I miss a webinar can I catch up on my own?

Yes, we send all the webinar materials and videos to our students after classes, so you can look through them at your convenience. Being online allows you to interact with a teacher and to take more active part in the webinar.

Are the webinars recorded?

Yes, after classes we send all the webinar videos to our students regardless of their presence in class.

What kind of certificate do the students get after the training?

Our company’s certificate. Our company is known on the translating market and our certificate carries weight. Our main goal is to provide our students with sound knowledge and we do our best to impart our experience to them. See a copy of our certificate.

Does your training include familiarization with Trados usage?

Yes, a large section of the “Technologies” unit is dedicated to CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools and Trados is included. However we are more focussed on studying MemoQ program, which we consider to be more appropriate.

Do your students have to do any homework?

Yes, they do. We try not to overload our students with home work and to give them maximum content during the webinars. In spite of this fact, please try to find an hour to get ready for the class.

When do the next groups start?

We form the groups and start once every 2 or 3 months. Follow the information on our website.

Do the students have to install some software for the “Technologies” unit?

Yes. We provide students with links to trial versions of the software and installation instructions.

(Русский) Обязательно ли выполнять переводческий тест для обучения?

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What do I have to do to start the training?

Fill in the application, pay for the training using our links and wait for a link to the webinar room. (This does not require any additional technical skills.)

Can I attend only the units that are of interest for me rather than entire training?

Yes, now we offer this opportunity with proportional calculation of the cost, but only for the “Intensive” and “Drop in” options. So the cost of any unit will be 1/3 of the total amount (these calculations do not include the discounts!). For the “Individual” training the price is so low that it’s really hard to divide it :-). It concerns only our basic. We do not divide special courses into units.

Is your training for English language translators only?

Yes, in the parts of the webinar held in English we work solely on English language materials. That said, the ‘Software’ and ‘Business’ modules are not language specific.

Do you guarantee work with your company after the training?

Not necessarily. Our training is a separate and independent product. Partnership is something absolutely independent from the training and is based on mutual agreements. Partnership will be offered to successful graduates (if they wish). But you may be sure that we will do our best to make each student better as a professional.

Is it possible to sign an education contract with your company?

We act on the basis of a public offer agreement placed on our website. If you live in St. Petersburg, you may come to our office to sign a bilateral agreement. If you are a representative of a legal entity, then we are also ready to sign an agreement with you.

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