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Translation Project Management course program

project-management-1131852_640Course title – Translation Project Management
Duration – 8 webinars, with each class lasting 2 astronomic hours
Target audience – project managers, heads of smaller translation agencies or freelance translators who want to start a translation business or collaborate with other freelancers or even learn more about the daily management of their work.

Webinar 1
A. Introduction
B. Translation project life cycle
1. First contact
2.Identification and analysis of a translation project

  • Project types
  • Project components
  • Component units
  • Production steps
  • Project resources

Webinars 2 and 3

  • Correction of the homework on “Analysis”

3. Quotation

  • Counting volumes
    – For linguistic tasks
    – For technical tasks
  • Rates
  • Price grids
  • Generation of the quote

Webinar 4

  • Correction of the homework on “Quotation”

Webinar 5
4. Schedule

  • Production metrics
    – For linguistic tasks
    – For technical tasks
  • Team building
  • Overlapping
  • Multilingual schedules
  • Multi-project schedules

Webinar 6

  • Correction of the homework on “Schedule”

Webinar 7
5. Project launch

  • Human resources
  • File preparation and instructions
  • Reference material
  • Project directory structure
  • Purchase orders
  • Exercises on “Project launch”

Webinar 8
6. Project monitoring

  • Tracking files
  • Status reports
  • Gross margin

7. End of project

  • Delivery
  • Feedback
  • Invoicing
  • Post-mortem
  • Archiving

C. Conclusion

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