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Translation Project Management

Google+100Translation Project Management is a subject of interest for all participants in a translation project, would they be project managers, translators, revisers, DTP specialists, testers, etc. Whatever the project and whoever the end client, the management steps will be same, ranging from the first contact with the requester until the archiving of the files linked to both the production and the administration work. Mastering all those steps will therefore undoubtedly help anyone involved to work more efficiently and guarantee the success of your projects.

The course is taught by Nancy Matis, a well-known expert in the field of project management and the author of the book “How to manage your translation projects”. During the course, you will go through the various stages of a translation project life cycle, not only focusing on budgeting and scheduling but also putting the emphasis on some other key steps in the management of a translation project like the full analysis of the request, the preparation of the files, the financial control of the project, the setup of the optimal production team and many others.

Various notions like negotiation, communication, leadership, independence, Moi-250flexibility, etc. will also be integrated in the different sections of the course. Moreover, we will discuss specific production aspects like glossary and style guide creation, the importance of revision and quality assurance as well as the involvement of external human resources like professional actors.

All explanations will target the main types of e-content localization projects, namely documentation, software, website and multimedia translation projects. Brief explanations will also be provided for other kinds of projects one might have to deal with in the translation industry.

Start date – April 3rd, 2018.
Time – 12:30–2:30 PM CEST (GMT+2), or 1:30–3:30 PM MSK.
Duration – 2 astronomic hours for each class.
Number of webinars – 8.
Cost70 or 120 Euro depending on the preferred study option (for explanation please read further).

The course content covers all stages of a translation project lifecycle, including:
1. First contact.
2. Identification and analysis of a project.
3. Quotation.
4. Schedule.
5. Launching and monitoring translation projects.
6. End of a project.

Click here to see the detailed program of the course.

What is included in the cost?
BOOK_CoverIf you pay 70 Euro, you can participate in every webinar and ask questions during the webinars. You don’t have to do any home tasks. You can if you want, but we don’t require it and we don’t check it. But you can listen to webinars devoted to the analysis of home tasks done by other students.

If you pay 120 Euro, you can participate in every webinar, ask questions any time during the course via email or during the webinars. You will be also required to do home tasks, and it will be checked by the trainer. There will be special sessions during the course devoted to discussing various issues and mistakes regarding home tasks, in order to help you grow in your project management practical skills and knowledge.

Special bonus for all participants
Each participant in the course will have a chance to purchase Nancy’s book “How to manage your translation projects” at 50% discount. This offer extends only to the students who take Nancy’s courses.

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