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Ilya Mishchenko

PortraitTranslator and interpreter with over 15 years’ experience in translating to/from Russian, English, and Swedish. Director of Translation and Localisation Centre at EGO Translating Company. Graduated Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University cum laude with a degree in linguistics and cross-cultural communication. Has been with EGO Translating since 2006, advancing to his current position as a top manager of one of the largest Russian LSP’s from the role of a project manager/translator.

Joined the Translators Union of Russia (UTR) in 2007, and has been chairman of its St. Petersburg branch since 2013. As Union board member oversees UTR involvement with International Federation of Translators committees. Ilya is also a part of the organizing committee of the international young translators’ contest, Sensum de Sensu.

Areas of expertise: Simplified Technical English, translation and localisation project management, marketing and sales of translation and localisation services.

“I have known Ilya for several years now through our joint work at the Translators Union. Ilya is a highly qualified translator and manager who knows ins and outs of translation theory and practice,” Fedor Kondratovich, Director of OOO Alba Longa.

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