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From LinguaContact language and translation company linguacontact.com/enBest Student
Translator training and coaching
The next group starts in January 2020. Contact us and we will send you more information!
Dear Linguists! Beginners and experienced translators!
If you are reading this page, it means that you have probably decided to embark on a language profession. You can find out who we are and what we do on the pages of our company website. Why did LinguaContact translation company decide to start its own translation school? The answer is simple: there is a lack of professionals in the industry. Over the years we have acquired a vast experience in highly specialized translation work. We are longing to share this experience with you and we believe that it will help you to work and to establish yourself as an expert in the market of translation services. Today there are very few companies offering services of a similar type— basic professional and marketing training sine qua non from professionals operating in the translation market.Read more ›

Schedule: Wednesday 19:00 (London time, GMT=0; check you time), Saturday 15:00 (London time, GMT=0; check you time). The course consists of 36 hours and comprises three modules.

Special courses
Each of our teachers has an excellent knowledge of their subjects. We pass on knowledge from practical experience, without abstract theorising. It will be a great pleasure to get to know you and share our experience.

What is a webinar and how does one work with it?
A webinar is a seminar on the Internet (web + seminar). You enter a special platform (website) where you can hear and see the teacher. You can ask questions in text mode (using chat). You can have the floor if necessary by using sound chat with the help of the teacher.
What is necessary for participation in the webinar?
All you need is a fast internet connection and good headphones. We will provide you with a link to the special webinar room and instructions on how to get there. All these materials will be e-mailed before the first class date.
This is how the webinar room looks:

After completing the training you will get our certificate and a complete set of materials. For graduates who have successfully passed final examinations, it is possible to get a full or part-time job in the LinguaContact Company.

Frequently asked questions

(Русский) Обучение проводится онлайн или офлайн?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) Выдаются ли сертификаты за архивы курсов, приобретенные по акции «Черная пятница»?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) Какие условия участники должны выполнить, чтобы получить сертификат?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) Могу ли я принимать участие в вебинарах со смартфона или с планшета?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) Меня отправляет на обучение компания. Оформляете ли вы соответствующие бухгалтерские документы?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) Выдаете ли вы сертификаты после разовых вебинаров и других мероприятий?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

(Русский) В каких случаях вы не выдаете сертификаты участникам курсов?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

If I miss a webinar can I catch up on my own?

Yes, we send all the webinar materials and videos to our students after classes, so you can look through them at your convenience. Being online allows you to interact with a teacher and to take more active part in the webinar.

Are the webinars recorded?

Yes, after classes we send all the webinar videos to our students regardless of their presence in class.

What kind of certificate do the students get after the training?

Our company’s certificate. Our company is known on the translating market and our certificate carries weight. Our main goal is to provide our students with sound knowledge and we do our best to impart our experience to them. See a copy of our certificate.

Does your training include familiarization with Trados usage?

Yes, a large section of the “Technologies” unit is dedicated to CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools and Trados is included. However we are more focussed on studying MemoQ program, which we consider to be more appropriate.

Do your students have to do any homework?

Yes, they do. We try not to overload our students with home work and to give them maximum content during the webinars. In spite of this fact, please try to find an hour to get ready for the class.

When do the next groups start?

We form the groups and start once every 2 or 3 months. Follow the information on our website.

Do the students have to install some software for the “Technologies” unit?

Yes. We provide students with links to trial versions of the software and installation instructions.

(Русский) Обязательно ли выполнять переводческий тест для обучения?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

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Our students' reviews
  • (Русский) Анна Зейгерман, Нью-Йорк

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

  • (Русский) Наталья Размолова, Томск

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

  • (Русский) Елена Кальницкая, Белгород

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

  • (Русский) Екатерина Блохина, Симферополь

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

  • Daria Laminskaya, Saint Petersburg

    A lot of useful information for a beginner who just graduated from a university. Fewer new discoveries for a person who has been translating for some time. But it was still very interesting! Big thanks to Alexander Murzakov, Andrei Gushin and Fedor Kondratovich for the training!

  • Anastasiya Ilyayeva, Dimitrovgrad

    The Translation and Software modules had a perfect combination of theoretical information and practical advice. Even translators with specialized education need to revise the theory from time to time. As for the Business module, although it’s mainly designed for freelancers, it still gave me a lot of useful information and interesting ideas. I think these courses are extremely helpful for experienced translators because they allow us to stay on top of the industry. As for beginners, these courses are simply a must for them.

  • Natalia Malkova, Tyumen

    Thank you for the course. I received a lot of useful information about the translation process, preparation of files for translation, working with CAT tools, legal and tax aspects of working as an individual entrepreneur.
    The course includes not only live online communication with the teachers, but also home tasks and feedback from the teachers. All course materials are provided, including video recordings and electronic documents, which allows you to start practicing the training practically right away.
    Special thanks to the teachers for their patience and for the friendly atmosphere during the classes.

  • Olga Okuneva, Saint Petersburg

    Very useful courses. The teachers are excellent! They really shared their best knowledge with us. The Technology and Business modules were extremely informative. The Translation module was also very interesting, though it’s definitely impossible to teach translation in a couple months. One needs a lot of practice to master it.

  • Svetlana Kostina, Tomsk

    Dear teachers, thank you very much! I am very pleased with the amount of information received and with the quality of this training. You did your best to share a lot of new, valuable and useful information and I was happy to learn from you!

  • Anna Stepanova, Cheboksary

    To be honest, when I paid for the course I had doubts (and not minor ones) that I would learn anything of use in my translating work. I was wrong to doubt! About the course briefly. Experienced teachers. Professional Approach. Friendly relations. Unbelievably large, varied and useful material.

  • Dmitri Bushkov, Moscow

    Thank you for the training!
    I liked it very much, the training was extremely informative. Now I understand the essentials of this job much better!
    We had language classes, learned how to use software for translating, how to organize our work and deal with the orders.
    All of the teachers tried to do their best.

  • Iulia Khitrova, Ulianovsk

    Thank you for all the useful material! The subjects we studied were covered in detail, including examples. I learnt a lot and will recommend your courses to my friends.

  • Maria Puchkova, Moscow

    I really enjoyed the course. Firstly the content, there was a lot of material, many useful guidelines and tips, advice of experienced translators. In this respect the course exceeded my expectations. I learnt lots of new things that have substantially improved my translating arsenal. The materials were always accessible after the lessons and we could look at them at our leisure if we’d missed a lesson or something wasn’t clear.

  • Elena Kraizel, Ekaterinburg

    I want to say “THANK YOU” for your work.
    I have great sympathy, respect and gratitude towards your colleagues. The training was very useful and provided me with a lot of important information.
    The material presented during the training is really useful.
    The students are treated with great care, the teachers are always ready to help and support everyone.
    I wish your company prosperity and great projects in future!

About the translating profession
  • We live in an era of globalisation. International partnership is sharply on the increase, the constant exchange of information has become the guarantee of success in all branches of the economy – in machine building, marketing, computer technology and medicine, in the sphere of culture and art. Dozens of exhibitions, seminars, conferences, business meetings, negotiations and presentations are conducted with the participation of foreign guests. So the profession of interpreter remains quite essential and the demand for interpreters will only grow.

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Language of study Only Russian! English, Russian English, Russian
36 hours of study (Modules ‘Translation’, ‘Software’, ‘Business’), three teachers. According to the program.
All videos and course materials
Relevance of the materials The preceding course Online Online
Live participation in study sessions in the webinar room (questions to the teacher and participation in discussion)
End of course exams

Certificate of course completion
marked ‘Drop–in’
Individual questions to the teacher
Modification of the program due to student demand
Checking of student homework
Schedule of receiving material Timetabled distribution of videos and materials Online webinars + manual distribution of all materials after the sessions. Online webinars + manual distribution of all materials after the sessions.
Communication on organisational and technical questions. Automatic (mailing list) Minimal. Email. Full. Email + Skype.
COST Available in English later 300 EUR ENROL 600 EUR ENROL
Let’s work together! Drop us a message at info@translator-school.com, tell us about yourself and your potential training session for translators and interpreters. We are accepting applications for webinars lasting appr. 2 academic hours.Read more ›

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